Yoda/SF TK warnings


So I’m not sure if this is also a bug or not, but whenever GAR TK GAR Yoda or GAR SF, they don’t get any TK warnings while if it’s the other way around they DO get TK warnings. GAR should get TK warnings for TKing GAR Yoda and SF because they are a part of GAR.


If Gar sf and gar yoda get shot by gar, they do get tk warning. Put this topic in bugs section since you literally said it yourself.

No… GAR does NOT get TK warnings when they kill GAR SF or Yoda, and also I said “I’m not sure if this is also a bug or not”, not that it is a bug. Please read.

Yea, it would be really nice to not get shot as SF by your fellow teammates for no reason.

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Probably because gar sf and gar yoda are both subdivision bought gamepass, so they not recognized as gar fully in the main gar group’s tk warning system. I assumed in the tk system perspective, they are recognized as immigrants instead.

Also it’s probably because also raiders can use SF and yoda and the TK system is linked with teams. So you would get a TK warning sometimes even if there is a raiding yoda. (Im not 100% sure with the TK system but that is the most possible way how it works)

This isn’t a bug it’s a feature because yoda gets a lightsaber and sf gets a bomb they both can cause mass RK damage

It probably is. They could however check if the person in Special Forces team or Yoda team is also in the GAR group. It’s really easy to add especially for RainyLofi.

Read what I said… GAR does NOT get TK warnings when they kill GAR Yoda or GAR Special Forces. It shouldn’t be like that since GAR can infinitely TK Special Forces and Yoda when they are in GAR.