Wollfe morph being broke

The wolffe morph has been the same as sinker’s morph for a long time and personally is annoying to use. If possible it would be nice to go back to an old wollfe morph just as a place holder until a new one is created/bought. [old and new one for reference]

Yeah, I miss the old Wollfe morph. The old one looked really good.

– Second Lieutenant, Placeman34

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I agree, Wolffe had the wrong morph since the new style morphs were added a few months ago, and still didn’t get fixed.

To be completely honest, the 104th morphs in general are broken, same as many others.
Litteraly all ranks except troopers miss accesories for example.

A large update focused only on morph would be good.

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We’re aware and we have it on our traking list.

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If we changed this morph, it had to be, because we had to change it.

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Placeman, plz come back to the 187th! I want to meet you in person! I joined 187th after you retired and discharged. I joined 187th about a month ago.