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WO accessories and a badge!


You know how now we can customize our armour? (ex: rough armour look, clear visor) I think we should add some more options for GAR.

-Once you reach the rank of “Specialist” you will earn the visor that goes over your helmet, plain white.

-At the rank of “Warrant Officer” you will unlock another option for an Antenna visor, being the antenna like one eye visor you can drop down to zoom in (Maybe a zoom function for it would be cool)

-Once you reach the rank of WO you will also earn a badge as a little reward.

-Both cannot be worn at the same time.

Edit: All the little accessories (Visor and antenna Visor) both already exist in division morphs! Just change some coloring to white, Grey, and black and it would fit in with the normal GAR morphs.

I think these small additions would be a cool thing to add, give your opinions below!


Don’t have any images for reference because the forums won’t allow them Xd

I like this idea, it would be cleaner and cooler if not all GAR members had the same morph. Except Cadets of course, but they are just to good for us…

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Yes i like this idea

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