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Why the AFK button?

i bet all of us have seen the AFK button and some of us might have died on accident because we pressed yes instead of no. i suggest that we get rid of it so it doesn’t get u killed on accident or during a battle.

this button is just useless

Two words for you to take into consideration.

AFK farming.

That is really the only reason we have it I think. Though maybe it should be made that when you are walking or moving the button doesn’t pop up. Removing would probably be a bad idea though.

Also, this might be better for #reports:suggestions

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but what the use of it? does it go off and say no after a period of time?

If you don’t click it in a certain amount of time then it registers you AFK and kicks you to stop farming or kicks you to make room for active players.

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o so thats why that happens but it gets annoying

It pops in every 5-10 mins to check if you’re afk and if you say ‘yes’ or if you don’t react it will reset you. It is annoying when you are in the middle of a raid because it will pop up during an intense battle. It should be changed so that only if you are afk for 5 mins the message will come up.

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Annoying, but necessary.

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