Why qwerty is an alien

Hell everyone.
I have been doing some very thorough research over the past few months. This topic was first brought up in a DM between myself and @MeIsC00lGuy2020. I have some very serious news for you all. I believe qwerty travelled here from mars and was the only life form there. Seeing as he left, that’s why no one can find any life.

My proof is as follows:

Above: Qwerty and the boys.
Bellow: A picture taken by qwerty back in '47.

This should be all the proof you require. I’ve got the president on the line now, there is some space a free room at area 51. Please donate today so as we can pay for said room so as qwerty has somewhere to go. Thank you.

@Qwerty Hi.


I don’t think that should belong in the On-Topic category…

Woah. Wrong one. Gimme a sec.

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Lovely. 20 characters.

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He was a (woman) furry now he is an alien? What is he going to be next a dinosaur?

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epik statement

a true masterpiece.


@Qwerty is 100% an Alien, confirmed it himself!


you know our secret what should we do @Qwerty ?

they cant know that we are aliens

Hey I know Qwerty more than anyone, and as per your research I deem this to be true.

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omg what is this…
im confused

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It is the truth. You can’t hide it.


From the picture Qwerty is a nudists too.

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their too dangerous to be kept alive

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