Why do I keep failing background checks?

I do tryouts, specifically for 41st recently and after I pass the combat rounds I get kicked for the background checks. I haven’t gotten a clear answer on why. My character isn’t an alt but I don’t really have many stuff in my inventory. I do have a lot of badges so I don’t understand why I keep getting kicked. I really would like some help if possible.

Check your account age. Both birthday and start date. See if you have done any crimes to GAR in the past. Make sure your inventory is available for all to see. Try doing these and see if it works

Background checks mostly focus on your badge count, as that shows how much playtime you actually dedicate to roblox. They also look at your groups to see what kind of ranks you have in them, as well as your join date. If it’s too recent of a date, you will most likely fail the background check.

TLDR; There are a lot of factors for background checking, but badge count is usually the deciding factor whether you pass or fail.

I have 5 pages of badges and most of the groups im in you can’t get a higher rank like in Gar unless you help build the game which most people won’t be doing so is there anything I can do?

Get another page of badges and try then. If that’s not enough, repeat. You should pass soon enough.

You likely have a lot of “free badges” in your inventory - these could be considered as anything, such as badges which are given at every stage of obbies. I would recommend deleting any of these badges from your inventory after which you should try again and see if anything changes.

Don’t join games which give a ton of badges for free just for the sake of getting more badges - it will not work.