Why do I fail background check

I keep failing background checks, I always pass combat above average and always finish the games they do, but I always fail my background check, I’ve read other questions on here and the answers say to add more friends, so I do that get more badges I do that but I still can’t pass the background check, MY NAME IS UncraftedPlayz and if someone could tell me why my profile keeps failing I’d appreciate it thanks

A couple tips.

  • Have your inventory visible to everyone.
  • Have a good number of friends, followers, and following.
  • Have your account be at least 150 days old.
  • Have a lot of Roblox and Player badges.
  • Be in a lot of groups.
  • Have some games favorited.
  • Have a lot of things in your inventory.

Some more tips

  • Must Have Discord
  • Must be 13 years old
  • Must be mature and have some discipline
  • Must at least be a trooper to join any division at all
  • Must have at least 120 days of account age
    Some additional things.
  • To sharpen your aim and shooting skills, play some shooting games and get good.
  • No Packages at the tryout