Why are children invading gar

I’m not in the discord or anything but when I look at the forum all I can think is “that kid is probably eleven”. I guess maybe that’s what comes with a bigger group. You could ask anyone acting dumb in off topic how old they are and 50% of the time it will be bellow thirteen. I miss the old gar where there was dumb stuff like this.
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I can relate sooooooooo much.

Because the game is directed towards underage kids. I doubt the advertisement runs even target 13+people

Indeed, some of the Viking’s MS ads were “join plz to make me happi”. He also stated in a dev forum post “A professional GFX artist could spend 8 hours making an ad when I could hop on a drawing sight and take 5 minutes to get an ad and mine would kill the other’s by a long shot.” He also stated “You have to aim for current trends and age groups that would click on them.” Stating this when you look at ROBLOX’s age ratings 54% are under 12. That’s not counting the users that fake their age.

I know this was getting a bit out of topic just I wanted to point it out.