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Who's your favourite clone commander in general?

Welp. This is a question that has loads of answers and has been a classic question from a very long time. Who’s your favourite clone commander? Personally, my favourite clone commander is… drumrollCLONE COMMANDER THORN!! I’d like to hear your suggestions as to who’s your favourite clone commander, can’t wait to hear the people who are gonna start arguing why Rex or Cody is the best XD. Well then, let the doom’s, bly’s, rex’s, fox’s, gree’s roll in.
-Corporal Transformere12345

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i love this guy when he says:
" Master Yoda, all forward positions are advancing. "
" Very good… Very good. "

(you didnt say which clone commander :smirk:

YESSS GO CORUSCANT GUARD! I love thorn and fox, I’m thorn in another group as well!

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Wolffe, the 104th is awesome in lore.

Fox killed Fives :angry: :sob:


he had to im sorry but he is still great and was just doing his job

No :angry:

Thorn = Pro
Fox = Killer


I’m thorn in another group

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Oooo nice!! :flushed:

Do you have any screenshots of your morph?

its in progress ill ask the supreme commander

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the owner himself said no. ill give you proof if youd like

Aweee oke, that’s fine!

Commander Gree and Thorn because they look cool ngl


I know… and I’m really sad about it. But fox isn’t that bad.

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Yea, Gree was good. But, to be honest, Gree is kinda lame, didn’t do any GREAT feats, but yes, he was not bad.

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i liked his armor ye

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Commander Fox (CC-1010) probably the coolest in my opinion.

Yes, sir!!! Fox was amazing and was only doing his job.

I respectfully disagree and think that Cody was.