Who is the most active and friendly forum user?

  • MeIsC00lGuy2020
  • KKzuk
  • Milo_Creator

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(Don’t vote for yourself)

I know the reason I’m not here.

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Idk, tbh.

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No me am best and most coolest!

SHHHHHHHHHHHH!! Shusshy. It’s for your safety.

I think that you @MeIsC00lGuy2020 are the most active and friendly forum user. You are on forums a lot longer than me and Milo and you are really active.

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How come you didnt add me bruh.

Forgot me :sob::sob:
But why…

MeIs is based against pro raider.


P- p- pro?!?!?!?!

Aw thx. That’s kind!