Who do you think is the best raider on coruscant?

I just wanna know who y’all think is the best raider.

Ghoul_edits or something like that and Infinte_Drk

My_ammo, destroyed me in 1v1

CYP3RBOT or My_Overseer

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I think fmhpmh is pretty good.


Kosintention and Ghoul

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Ghoul is good but not as good as others

Well there are other good raiders but I forgot their names.

some good raider that dosen’t use forces (mostly alter)

I cant figure out how to authorise a video im trying to report.

Use medal or upload it as a YouTube video

alright thank you very much

I think bosspapaboss is the best raider

20. Harastdgwha ters

bosspapaboss is THE boss.

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Rg or ammo they are goat

it’s either bosspapa or my_ammo

Cyper or overseer currently previously solar shade or bqttles of all time holden

Bingus or cyberbot


cus TDA