Which divisional is the weakest of all?

For me its the 501st cause i am a raider and last time i saw them i was with 2 other raiders and we just killed all of them with no problem.

It’s hard to say really because sometimes there are different number of members on a server but I’ve had no problem killing cg until riot company got their impenetrable shields, cg isn’t a combat div so I feel cg was the weakest in combat, but there are some good cgs who are good at combat.


mhm i actually never mess with cg but with the 501st i do and i think there was like 10-16 ok them that were there and my little team and i killed them.

As long as you catch them off guard you can kill a lot of them, you can call me sneeky but Ik I’m no match for a platoon of troopers so I hide in the shadows on buildings and just spring out of nowhere.

that what i do and some div actually know who i am in game and sometimes i am actually friends with divs so its ironic that i kill them and that i can be friends with them lol.

Don’t say that division are weak some ppl of 501st could easy pass RC tryout

probably barc since it only has 2 members.

501st is a division which beginners commonly join. Some 501st could pass RC tryouts, though most of them could not. Many 501st are great at combat but lots of them are beginners.

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The two members have admin and all the weapons though.


The problem with this logic is that if those guys didn’t spend any money on the game and just had blaster rifles, you’d consider them trash, but I’m sure there’s a few members that could spank some people on FT.

raiders have trash aim and are only good in coruscant
its a well known fact

most raiders. there are a few who are actually good

only good in coracaunt and have trash aim??? so their good??

because of their game passes that don’t take skills to use. you just click a yourself and get god mode or click another player and blow them up.

still their wrecking divs and gar so ye

Yeah, with alter and p2w items. Not to mention SKing, hiding, camping.

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41st weak. I keep hearing there ERT is dead and ive raided there patrols a few times and can wipe them out simply.

You raid them every time you see them.

lmfao so good :laughing: hahah