When's your birthday?

Not many people have filled out the birthday part in their bio’s so this is just a reminder/a fun little topic.

I was born January 6th. Wooo go Capricorns!
I know one of my good friends Howard has his birthday recently.
I wonder if anyone else has a birthday in July, if not when is your birthday? :slight_smile:

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11/12/03. tho dont share this

September 15th. Fun fact, that’s the 8th most common birthday in the world! Over half of my family has that as their birthday so it can be a chaotic day sometimes.

oof that sucks /// ///

Eh, not really. I’m a twin so I would have to deal with it anyway. If anything sharing a birthday makes it more fun imo.

28th April. Do not talk to me about zodiac signs. Any more if it and I may have to kill you(I’m joking).

whats your zodiac? //

well enjoy your self.

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November 20th, Scorpios I guess!

December 9

123445782 < Ignore this

Ah you’re older than me, that’s awesome.

That’s so cool! Are you identical or something?

Hahah, happy belated birthday.

Yayyy! Scorpios are awesome.

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Coming up soon! 20char

Birthday passed on may 20th, one month before this forum get reset to dust.

No, me and him are fraternal. It would be kind of weird if we were identical considering we’re opposite genders lol.

November 10th, 2006, born in the month of serial killers apparently?

Bruh what?

Oh my … 15characters

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