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What's insubordination?

There’s a penalty in GAR’s tello which says insubordination, the penalties are quiet harsh so what exactly is insubordination?

Not listening to orders.

So if a sergeant tells a trooper to stop dancing on the post and if the trooper ignores the order isn’t that insubordination?

Yes and no here is an example: trooper Starr’s to run aroun aimlessly sergeant tells to post and then they tell to post 5+ times and the trooper runs away and stops listening that Is insubordination

I believe this mainly applies to divisions. If someone intentionally refuses to listen to a superior’s orders, they will be punished.

Example: The CO of a division tells their CC to stop being immature and they do not follow the order.

Insubordination does not apply in game to regular GAR I believe. It mainly applies to divisional personnel whether it happens in-game or their discord server. If a trooper refuses to post after being told by a sergeant there would be no applied punishment because they are not held accountable. Just get a divisional to post them.