What was your favorite memory/thing from the old forums?

My favorite memory was just the people. Hopefully it can stay that way.

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I liked those topics where the first reply said something like “I agree!” and then the 100th reply was like “Bro u are worse than Hitler.”


NJC. He was my beloved. He was everything to me. I miss him dearly.


I loved how sweet and welcoming people were.


I miss the pictures to add in profile :smiling_face_with_tear:

My favourite memory was my hot summary card with 1.5k post reads and a year of activity and that’s about it…oh and the people for formality.

He will probably never find out about this new forum as well. Truly saddening.

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Well, it was nice for a bit. It was nice seeing people argue and put their suggestions and whatnot. But it just went downhill quick. We got more nice people show up. Milo and Sid and whatnot. But I feel like we also got more idiots and people begun to argue among themselves more. It was way more toxic then it was. Hopefully this just stays nice and calm.

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the controversies, really when there was one the old forum revived in a great way.

How bad the mods are

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Harrassing MeIs.


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Looking back in 2021 when I used to do illegal things in GAR lol. Now I lost all those good memorys.