What was your favorite memory/thing from the old forums?

My favorite memory was just the people. Hopefully it can stay that way.

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I liked those topics where the first reply said something like “I agree!” and then the 100th reply was like “Bro u are worse than Hitler.”


NJC. He was my beloved. He was everything to me. I miss him dearly.


I loved how sweet and welcoming people were.


I miss the pictures to add in profile :smiling_face_with_tear:

My favourite memory was my hot summary card with 1.5k post reads and a year of activity and that’s about it…oh and the people for formality.

He will probably never find out about this new forum as well. Truly saddening.

Well, it was nice for a bit. It was nice seeing people argue and put their suggestions and whatnot. But it just went downhill quick. We got more nice people show up. Milo and Sid and whatnot. But I feel like we also got more idiots and people begun to argue among themselves more. It was way more toxic then it was. Hopefully this just stays nice and calm.

the controversies, really when there was one the old forum revived in a great way.