What medals do YOU have?

What medals do YOU have? I’m just curious, bassicly a place to flex your medals.

(Cresents are a type of medal so they count aswell)

I got the Silver Cresent!

(Going for gold)

I just got sergeant major after fighting a false 30 power ban. I currently have none.

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same i dont have any medals. sad

Frankly I don’t like medals…not because I’ve got none but it’s not really helping with activity, your just making the people who play the most, WOs play even more and discouraging people who are potentially your player base who’s for a week or so who won’t even get to corporals because of tk , rk and whatever else. I just like to see Wreckerjnr get so excited to give out medals like lemonade stand kids. This is my take on it, even if you reply with annoying comments…I’m not going to care.

I don’t like the medal that you get just for being red guard HICOM.

I have 0 medals. Uh, yeah.


Bronze, I don’t play enough to even want to grind for silver.


Beskar Moon (i tryharded please dont waste ur valuable time trying to earn this useless medal)

Medal of Bravery - Earned it by staying through ARC’s darkest hours as a HICOM member (when like 30-40 ARCs mass discharged at the same time in one day) and helped rebuild it when I got promoted to XO. I never really got an explanation for earning this medal but this is my assumption


Woah, what was the mass discharge for?

Our CO at the time was like a magnet for the really good players, and since he was resigning, a ton of people planned on leaving the same day he did since he was one of the main reasons why ARC was such a fun place. I don’t really blame them, ARC has definitely been less fun without him around. We had a huge retirement patrol with all of the HICOM that were leaving (the CO and XO) and 20+ attendees which was almost unheard of in that era since everybody was mostly clanning. Anyways, thank you for listening to my ARC Ted Talk.


you are a fine addition in our comunity and we need more people like you

That’s so wholesome and crazy.

Thanks for your TED TALK. claps

I genuinely miss that person, seriously. Such a cool person overall.

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Yeah same. He still talks here and there but that’s about it. Sadge.