What is your least favorite update in Coruscant?

Read me pls :slight_smile:

So there have been many updates in GAR that many people have disagreed on, and there have been several suggestions to remove the update or revert whatever happened in that update to its normal state.

The first two options have been talked about for a while and have been heavily disagreed on, they will probably be voted the most. The third and fourth have not been discussed as much but people seem to have some sort of dislike on it.

Vote which update sucked the most!

Worst update in Coruscant:
  • Shotgun nerf
  • Automatic KOS/AOS for raiders
  • Bounties for raiders
  • Server cap increased (from 50 or 65 to 100)
  • BARC division (this is a joke don’t take seriously)

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Tell me if I missed something important, I don’t have the member badge therefore I can’t edit this post after a day.

I honestly like them all. I’ve never really had issues with the KOS and AOS thingo, that is probably my least favourite though as I see other people did have problems with it. I don’t really care about anything else though.