What is your favorite weapon in coruscant?

I wanna know what your favorite weapons are in coruscant.

The best weapon is the hesitancy to kill a raider if they have a medal, because the trooper must know what the medal is about.

Super blaster 100%. It has a fire rate faster than blaster rifle, and the damage of the shotgun. It also has the range of a golden minigun, 100% worth the buy whenever it’s on sale.

Golden miniz destroy your target in seconds even if you miss 50% of the shots and are across the map. Obliterate lightsaber users in seconds even with then blocking.

Its so overpowered.

I love it.


The best one rivalling the golden minigun is guard rifle, simce they have both similar rapid speed fire rate.

Super blaster
20 cha

The sniper cause I prefer to shoot from far away as I ain’t good at close combat

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Before obviously shotgun

Now gold minigun

Super blaster just takes no skill and isn’t fun