What is the point of dicord

what does the discord even do?

The discord is used as a means of communication. Often times people don’t have the ROBLOX notifications set up for group announcements (If there are any). It’s the fastest way for the group to send out information to active members of the group. The overall interface is simple, and easy to manage.

Another reason is for voice communication purposes. If you end up joining a division(one of the groups labelled under “allies”) then you may need to be in a group call with them for organization. It’s also an easier means of sending information to ensure it is sent to active members.

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I agree with what @FireHaolf13 said, just gonna add few more details about it.

You can’t just DM 500K+ people in Roblox with one single announcement or to communicate with them in VC somehow. That is why GAR is using Discord for communication. They can recruit people, talk with people, chat with people, and other cool stuff there.

But to join it in GAR you have to follow Discord ToS, which means you have to be 13+ to join the Discord. If you’re not 13+ and you will tell it to anybody and the person will report you, then you are gonna get banned from GAR Discord.

You can find their Discord in the description of the game [https://www.roblox.com/games/4238077359/STAR-WARS-Coruscant?refPageId=9c89036b-0411-419b-b0be-2d0e911faaeb], you can’t see it if you have safechat in Roblox since you are not 13+ if you do have it.

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It allows you to join divisions and events. Important announcements will also be made there.


Discord is an online gaming communication platform. It is widely used among the gaming community. Many roblox groups(such as GAR) use it to make announcements, such as training notifications and tryout notifications.