What I think WO and SGM should get for achieving the highest ranks

Warrant officer and sergeant major are the two highest nco ranks and should be rewarded for their devotion to GAR

Majority of sergeant majors are demoted warrant officers from the addition of the rank (that’s why they are here)


  1. A badge for achieving WO a small roblox badge couldn’t hurt right?

  2. Buffed blaster rifle + a different blaster pistol that does damage Like a DC-15s

  3. Level 3 keycard so they can get full access to all facilities

  4. Burger it’s literally just a burger that you may infinitely munch on why? Just because

This is a very disagreeable topic so put your opinions in

These two are the only thing i disagree with. If you want buffed guns, go to arm dealer and get one. Lvl 3 keycard is a gamepass, so this just make the dev rip off their own gamepasses.

I agree with Endor. I agree with this but not the clearance three and a gun with damage like DC-15.
But for sure I think WOs should get a different gun than the regular Blaster rifle.

Arms dealer is probably deleted forever

You have to play for about 8 days of game time to get level 3 if you bought it would it really matter?

As far as I’m sure, the arms dealers are back. I’ve personally interacted with them, and some damn cadets can now shoot me with a pistol bought from them.

And also. There no used for clearance 3. Clearly, the gamepass is not for high rank gar since clearance 3 is for officer and above. The gar owners with clearance 3 gamepass is gonna be upset if they can just get it as they ranked up.

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