What happened to the morphs

i came back from a vacation and now all the morphs are messed up, i have no idea what happened to the morphs

To be short, Vikinglaw archived all the meshes and morphs so they have to make new ones. Here’s the full announcement Rainy made yesterday-

"The reason that morphs have not been working today is because their meshes were archived by Viking outta nowhere.
I tried to negotiate us being able to use them for a few weeks while we work on new morphs however it didn’t end up very far - there’s no way I’m paying $1000 just to use them for two weeks.

Anyhow, we are now using temporary morphs which use your Roblox avatar but with your division’s logo in front while new morphs are textured and built by talented developers huntress_mako, mineynze, and RichardPlayZ231.
We’ll be posting updates about the new morphs - using new meshes too. Look forward to seeing them soon.

I personally agree that we shouldn’t be using old GAR assets anymore (especially those uploaded by Viking) and we’re changing that now, however, I don’t like the fact that he removed them out of nowhere. We were already going to use new assets in the upcoming Coruscant rework.

This doesn’t mean that you should go out of your way to attack Viking though. I don’t want to see anyone doing this and I’ll be putting chats into slow mode.

Have fun with these new temporary memey morphs"