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What do you think the devs will release in the halloween update?

I think I remember seeing a post from either JustinOleski, or WreckerJnr, that something was going to come out for Halloween, anybody think or hope what it is?

I hope double jump is a part of it.

It will probably be some gamepasses with a different skins and retextured morphs. Probably double jump.

Im thinking either today or next friday seeing as a weekday isnt the best to release a game.

Vikinglaw said that the first Halloween release would be on some day between October 5 to October 10, but he isn’t very good at predicting dates.

Last time I checked, he’s the Supreme Chancellor, so he doesn’t need to predict.

Well 5 - 10 Oct passed anyway and nothing happened so I guess it was just for hype which is what they’ve been doing for the past 1½ year.

today my dudes
vikinglaw has the countdown

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