What do you think is the worst division of the GAR and explain why?

well it did happen and I have had witnesses talk to me about it

I wouldn’t say “Worst” division but I’d have to say 187th.

They just haven’t been active lately and the morphs don’t hit it off. Giving all 187th that beautiful visor Wrath has would knockout out of the park (plus is accurate). Giving magenta those iconic scarfs back would be amazing too.

187th is cool, but you rarely if ever see them anymore and the morphs aren’t to (my personal) standards.

Just my opinion ofc, don’t hate me for it.

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poor grapes, but it is your opinion so yeah!

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Update on 501st throwing their entire reputation in the gutter they got 1st on divisional leaderboard because they lowered their reqs what good is your division if only bad people join it :man_facepalming: not only is it full of idiots the amount of 501st players do horrible at their jobs while killing troopers who don’t like the 501st what happened to 501st being a good division? Feel they don’t deserve to be on the leaderboard

41st. They’re probably like the most overrated division because everybody likes them which is why I don’t like them. They also have a bunch of idiots in the division. When them and CG were in their activity war, the 41st was super immature.

The whole time I was in RG was guarding, guarding and then not guarding.
The VIP’s would rarely join the game, and if they did. Then it was for like 10 minutes then leave.
They also had really weird rules, like no dancing on duty. Man, I love being in 327th cause I can do yoga next to a trooper.

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Th e RG supposed to act professional so ofc no dancing on duty