What do you think is the worst division of the GAR and explain why?

Please don’t hate someone for this.

I haven’t been in that many divisions but my least favourite was 187th. mostly because they still had that issue with the morphs when i joined but also a little bit because I just didn’t like it

RG solo purpose is guard vips around, and 99% of the time, vips arent even on coruscant, meaning 99% of the time is a completely useless division, and when vips are playing, most are attached to god mode so theres no point of guarding them.
Btw, RGs are supposted to be elite, because they need to guard “important” ppl, but, anyone can agree that RGs SUCK, none of them can hit a single shot, they are prob the division with the worse aim, and they still get loads of op updates, such as force fields and elite blasters, AND EVEN WITH THAT, anyone can still beat them in coruscant, dont even need great gamepasses, just any gun and a bit of aim.


501st it’s filled with children who think they are the absolute better because they joined a simple division they try to push everyone who is higher than their current gar rank around and when they hear no they end up on the reports page for TK


This is so true lmao

I hate 41st cuz the exile me back in 2020

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CG, it’s just very strict and they put you in jail for the smallest thing that isn’t serious, for example shooting a team killer or putting a c4 in a place away from civilians to test it.

Let me be fully honest here.
Anyone who is a 501st trooper (not in a company) that isn’t a officer has good aim, around zero braincells.

Ah, I remember how I almost got detained by a CG because I put a C4 at the border, Unil some raider killed the Coruscant Guard that I ended up detain evading, but that was a long time ago before I wasn’t a division.

My least favorite is RG. Once I asked a question and asked them to jump if it was a yes because I knew of OOS. I was in mando morph and he just killed me for no reason and left. Sadly I had no footage

No they don’t. There is a cuff guide and your wrong.

I’m going to go with 501st. So many of them always seem to be so immature and TK, mess with patrols, etc. They’ve also just lowered their reqs a ton and have just accepted blatant alts from what I’ve seen to boost activity.

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CG because they’re a bunch of “post!” monkeys, and 501st because it’s children who can’t SFL.

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CG cause they spawn camp all raiders with AOS the second they spawn the CG is sitting in the hotel room ready to sexually assault the raider

they are not like that lol. sexual assault isn’t a joke :skull_and_crossbones:

Bro CG are weird it seems like they glitch everywhere just to arrest one AOS kinda cringe tbh

Also RG is bad for banning one off my friends from the div for a joke that wasn’t really racist but they called racist yet the guy who banned him says the n word in vc all the time (btw he is white)

Did he have a pass tho??

there is no such thing as an n word pass.

if someone says the n-word they get an instant perm BL from all divisions at minimum up to a cban
i highly doubt someone in power would be constantly saying the n-word in vcs