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What do you guys think about the new map?

Personally, I don’t like the new map as much. I low-key want the old map back, I do like the general look of it, but it’s way too big.

There is a new sprint feature, press “V” to sprint and you don’t have to hold it. Plus, speeders. They look awesome, fast, I tried them in BETA and they were amazing.

The new map looks really amazing tbh. Sure, the old map will make you feel nostalgic, but in the end it was too small and looked completely bland. I’m sure that everything will get better when they roll out more updates within the next few weeks. People just need to be more patient.

Ugly border, I want old style of it but the rest is good.

I think most things are great but I think that they should add speeders and should make it so train works

The old map is so much better.

Yeah the design of the border is bad. People are going to be stuck inside booths until they find a better entry way.

I like the new map but It Is to big and I liked that older style of border tbh, hard to find where everything Is but other then that I like it.

its way better if they make it smaller i quit and i will unlike everything of gar and i will protest and everything just add more entertainment

Keep the new map the size it is!

This community doesn’t decide weather they like the new map or the old map they are like omg new map bad but then before the new update they were all like yay new map.