What are the most OP weapons in the game

The most OP weapons i have seen in action are the Dual sabers, Golden mini and Shot gun ( shot gun is good in good range but in long range its trash). what op weapons have u seen tell me in the comments.

The most OP in my opinion is the super blaster.

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i have never seen the super blaster

IT has a a really long range and is a 2 shot.

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It Is my favorite gun in the game also. If you join RG you get it.

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what about the candy gun as well

Oh yeah that one is pretty OP.

I think it just depends what range you’re fighting at. If you’re fighting like SUPER close to your opponent say like you guys are always touching each other, I would go with the dual lightsabers. I would use shotgun for close range but have some distance between your opponent. For long range I would use the golden minigun, super blaster, or the candy shotgun. If you only have the blaster rifle then use it for long range. If your opponent has lightsabers, use the minigun or shotgun since the lightsabers doesn’t protect you from the minigun and the shotgun.

Shotgun definitely, one-shot weapons are always meta.

sucks in long range though

  1. super blaster. though not many people have it
  2. golden minigun/minigun
  3. candy gun
  4. shot gun (i think)
  5. blaster rifle
  6. hand blaster
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