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What are some fun facts about you?

Tell me some fun facts about yourself!

Feel free to include anything you’d like;
if you’re out of ideas, heres some:

  • I joined GAR near 2020.
  • I have three gamepasses, the Jetpack, Shotgun, and Force Alter.
  • I’m an Avid-Airsoft Player.
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  • I joined GAR a week or so before the bank update

  • I have the really good gamepasses (not the skill need ones like blaster rifle and some morphs)

  • I have been in CG 327th and 41st.

  • I joined gar near the end of 2020
  • i have 9 game passes (2 forces, 1 pet, and 6 weapons or other stuff
  • I am the owner of the Raiders Of Gar
  • I was once a staff serg
  • I joined Gar 2019

  • I PLAYED gar 2020


Joined GAR about a year ago.

Purchased jetpack, Clearence 4, shotgun, egg basket, lightsaber, Mando and SF. (I wish I didn’t buy all that, I don’t like feeling like I pay to win.)

Got demoted 3 times. One time for that stupid old “kill yoda policy”. (Instant ban for killing yoda. The other time I accidentally killed a CG and the third time I accidentally TK’ed someone.

I am very good with the standard blaster rifle and am not good against raiders who have any type of minigun.


I joined GAR in 2020, January. Played it for almost 6 months, joined some divs, got hacked, got back to playing, attained the WO rank and met a lot of friends. I recently stopped playing because it’s absolutely horrible when it comes to performance and it isn’t what it used to be. Desperately waiting for the update…well not desperately since I’m already cheesed off with how long they take but yea. That’s my experience of GAR in a nutshell.

  • I joined GAR I 2019, joined the discord in February of 2020, and got banned in January of 2021.
  • I was in all of the divisions excluding ARC.
  • I think I had most of the gamepasses except Destroy, Choke, and Freeze.
  • I was Warrant Officer.


Nabbed the Officer Blaster and Super Blaster while they were on sale. Regret not getting the Elite Blaster.

I own a hedgehog. My family has a bearded dragon, three cats, three aquariums of fish, and we feed multiple stray cats.

I once almost provoked a fat possum on my back porch when I was arriving home one night.


Wdym by "It’s absolutely horrible when it comes to performance?

Archeop, is that you?

Who’s Archeop? If you’re talking to me, I’m not Archeop haha. I don’t even know who are you.

Archeop was a former RC and GAR officer.

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Ah, my mistake. Archeop was an old friend of mine that went by two names, ‘Archie’ and ‘Rosie’, just haven’t seen them in a while.

Yeah, they were also CG.

Lol, I did the same thing too. I was texting my friend but I accidentally text the wrong friend and they were confused.

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Another fact about me: I hate Vikinglaw’s “Military Simulator”. The game is a great idea, the map is awesome, the guns are cool, but the player base is so bad.
The random kill and stupid-ness of low ranks there is even more than in GAR. The game is literally unplayable. I played for 15 minutes this morning and I couldn’t get past the border once. No wonder the game has such a bad dislike ratio. They need to do something to stop the low ranks from abusing their power.


Means it’s absolutely horrible when it comes to performance, they’re unions and meshes are all screwed up and so are their scripts.

  • I started playing GAR at Feb. 2020
  • I got banned from 3 unappealable bans but I got unbanned.
  • I was raider or neutral immigrant for 8 months.
  • I lost 258 power.
  • I am former Divisional and almost Paratrooper CS
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Wrong, actually. Meshes improve overall game performance, it reduces lag, whilst unions cause excessive amounts of lag, regardless of how many there are. Scripts occasionally cause lag as well, however not as much. What I’ve noticed in Coruscant is that vikinglaw’s developers use heaps of unnecessary unions, this could’ve been prevented but it’s a little too late for that.

Meshes, unions and scripts if done right reduce lag drastically but since they are making the new map they aren’t bothered to fix it and thus the performance going bad.