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What are medals and how to get them!

Hi everybody!

In this tutorial I will explain how to obtain medals and what is required to get each one of them. I will also explain how medals are displayed and how to check your medals. Without further ado let’s start this tutorial.

What are medals and how do you see them?

Medals are rewards for your actions during your duty in GAR. There are a lot of medals to collect: some are easier to get and some are really hard to obtain. Some medals have levels (classes) that you can upgrade. Example of such medal is “Order of Chandrila” that has 3 classes: 1st, 2nd and 3rd. 1st class is the highest level of medal while 3rd is the last one.

Ok, but how you can see that person has a medal?

It’s simple. When you hover on that person avatar with your cursor medals will be displayed above GAR and division ranks. It looks like this in game:

Medals displayed

And how to check your own medals?

To check all of your medals DM “GAR Bot” on discord or type in #bot-commands on GAR discord server “;medals”. It will show all of your medals that you obtained.

How to get medals?

As of right now there are 2 different medals batches: medals for power and other medals. These medal batches are awarded separately and the power ones are awarded more often that others.

  • This is a Crescents / Moons award announcment:

To get crescents you must DM your ROBLOX username to the person that awards them.

  • This is an announcement for the award of other Medals:

To get these medals you must be seen worthy by other people to get specific medal.

List of medals and what they are awarded for:

This is a list of all medals obtainable right now alongside their description.

1. Medal of Valor

The Medal of Valor is the highest decoration obtainable by republic personnel. Those who obtain this medal have consistently exceeded in the line of duty in all aspects.

2. Order of Chandrila First Class / Second Class / Third Class

The Order of Chandrila is awarded to those who exceed in republic service and have shown endless loyalty to the republic. There are 3 classes of this medal: First, Second and Third.

3. Medal of Bravery

The Medal of Bravery is awarded to those who show incredible determination and dedication during military hardships.

4. Medal of Distinct Combative Service First Class / Second Class

Medal of Distinct Combative Service is awarded to those who show excellence and courage in combat. There are 2 classes of this medal: First and Second.

5. Star of Coruscant

Medal is granted to individuals who have proven themselves exemplars of the Republic’s ideals and paragons in their service and duty.

6. Accolade of Intelligence

A medal awarded in Intelligence aspects. Awarded for dedication and skill in Operations and Field Work.

7. Order of the Guard

A Medal earned through undying loyalty and dedication in RG and to the Supreme Chancellor.

8. Chancellor’s Service Medal

The Chancellor’s Service Medal is awarded upon members of GAR that have shown great leadership capabilities within the Army. They have affected the course of it, and have made themselves well known for their actions towards the community.

9. Republic Cross of Art Excellence

Medals bestowed upon members of GAR that have contributed with art and entertainment for the entire community. Members with this medal have supported the expansion of The Grand Army by making creative content.

10. Medal of Aegis

The Medal of Aegis is a medal given to members of a division who defend Planet Coruscant in a distinctive and effective way that is completely unique to others. People with this medal are seen as Coruscant’s best defenders against raiders and Coruscant’s best at ensuring the border is kept in safe hands at all times.

11. Order of Public Safety

This medal is given to members who enforce The Grand Army of The Republic’s laws effectively, and ensure the border is kept organized.

12. Kurka’s Appreciation Award

People say its the real highest honorary title that can be given to anyone.

Awarded to outstanding and extremely helpful people. If you have to ask, you are neither.

13. Bronze Crescent

A Bronze Medallion featuring a crescent distinguishing the dedication of service in the Galactic Republic. (200+ Power)

14. Silver Crescent

A Silver Medallion featuring a crescent distinguishing the dedication of service in the Galactic Republic. (300+ Power)

15. Gold Crescent

A Gold Medallion featuring a crescent distinguishing the dedication of service in the Galactic Republic. (400+ Power)

16. Platinum Crescent

A Platinum Medallion featuring a crescent distinguishing the dedication of service in the Galactic Republic. (500+ Power)

17. Vonium Half Moon

A half moon made out of the precious Vonium metal distinguishing the dedication of service in the Galactic Republic. (600+ Power)

18. Beskar Moon

A flat rounded Medallion featuring a moon made from the most valuable metal in the Galaxy - Beskar Steel; the most distinguishable Medallion for the dedication of service in the Galactic Republic. (Awarded to the highest amount of power to a minimum of 600)

19. Community Champion

This accolade is awarded to the finest of our community competitors who succeed in winning a community competition.

That’s all the medals that you can get in GAR. If you have any questions regarding this tutorial - ask them in the comments. I would be happy to answer them.

We need raider medals!

Thats like saying the US military gets medals, but the people who attack the military posts need to get their own medals. -_-

We raiders are a significant part of the game unlike terrorists.