What about to give all guards companies shock pick?

I feel like when you guard VIP. And you have to shoot intruders are not realistic and none RP. With shock picks him will get tased and than CG will arrest him like in real life.

Coruscant is not RP game, mostly.

It’s it has laws, tryouts, killzones, border and bank that you can robb, SSU ,General training, Combat training.

It is 100% an RP game.

There Is only One guard Company, and they have already the shock pike. The RG have a pike, Is the same Thing

one guard company? you mean division, right?

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Most if not all divisions have a company with the job of guarding.

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If you’re talking about Shock Troopers (the only company with a free pike) then no. They aren’t the guarding Company, Riot is.

Oh well in any case the riot has a shield

Would be great if all get a shield but than there will be minus 1 reason to join riot company.

CG is made as a guarding and policing division. Other divisions are not. This has been suggested loads of times, it’s never happened and most likely never will happen. You can get a shock pike from the weapons dealer near the bank though. Something to use money on that isn’t completely usless.


Real life, non of this is real life, this is based off of a movie series and TV show series.