We should have a Medical Company in 91st

So in patrols and raids, I find it rather annoying being at 1 hp the entire game, after an attack. A healer would be able to restore health and give 91st a fighting chance in raids and robberies.

Wouldn’t take much coding, just the exact same as the other divs “Bacta Comapany”

Its a bad idea in my opinion, because there are medic companys for it. If you need help actually just search a Bacta or Green and ask them if they could join you. Bacta members (For example) Will probably come and help you if they have time and are avaible. Also its the same thing like the shields. And every division with medics have a medic company. So you would need to make a new company, new ranks and more. I will argue about this more later, because I need to go now.

Did you people forget that the 91st division is a speeder division?

Also a good argument. You already got speeders. And now dont come with “41st also got shields and med guns.” Thats because 41st is a combat division and the green company is just a company that were made before they got shields. 327th is a support division and support = medic. And 41st is the only combat division with medics.

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Fair point actually. Just think that 91st could also use one on patrols.

You guys want really a lot.

SD became medical.
Kind of meets my expectation because of new CHC

Yo uh SD got medical guns LOL!
CHC updated so yeah.

hits with car
91st: Oops sorry, here is a bandaid
Dead bacon: Thx bro

I think that if the 91st got a medical division, then others would have to get one too because 91st already has speeders while some other ones have nothing special.

91st Speed demon became a healing and support company months ago.

This suggestion was before that.

Forgot to reply mb.

I’m aware, I was talking to the person above who said it shouldn’t be added, despite the fact that it already had been by the time he replied.

mbmb sorry didnt see.