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We should ban raiding

We should ban raiding, cause our divisions are too weak to fight SER and raiders, so we need to ban raiding. I know a lot of people will agree with me. we have to ban raiding cause we keep losing but if raiders get banned we will win, raiders are too powerful cause they’re good at combat, but if we ban raiders we will be pros cause raiders will be banned so we’re number one please agree pls pls pls

Lol no.

If vikinglaw has a problem with raiders he would’ve said something.
The only way GAR makes money is with raiders. If there are no raiders, then why would GAR need guns?


Please agree, pls pls pls pls

Yes I agree because I made a topic a couple of days ago related to this about arresting raiders, but now banning them sounds a lot better. Though you need to be GAR officer to ban people and we don’t have a lot of them compared to the amount of GAR members that have cuffs like the CG division.

bruh. Why would you even want to ban raiders. There is literally a raider game pass, which would mean your spending 700 robux to get banned


Nope. I do not care. You are IN TSU. YOU ARE IN CRU FOR GOD’S SAKE. Use your common sense. Actually, read what we are saying.


Snake eyed raiders are bad, what do you mean. Also besides the point, divisions are very capable of fighting raiders, it just becomes annoying after a while.


Yeah, despite that people have invested thousands of Robux into the game and it’s their primary source of income, we should ban them. They bought the gamepasses, so let’s ban them for it. Makes sense.


If it will be added to the game I should be in GAR to don’t be banned, it’s terrible idea.

I have gamepasses worth 3k+ for this game just to raid bcuz being a wo is boring, I am not toxic when I raid and I follow the rules. I don’t wanna be banned from raiding, it would make sense to say ‘give us better guns’ but ban raids is another level of…idk.


No way. Vikinglaw encourages raiding because it brings more people to the game. Also that means that they’ve just wasted a ton of robux on a game that they’ve been banned from.


I have seen lots of you talking about something you have no knowledge of but still seem to think you have.

They do indeed get a substantial income of gamepasses, but it is not their only income nor their primary. In Roblox, there is something called “DevEx” which is a payment program for Developers who have created successful games. [For more info visit] ( )

They also get donations from other Developers or people who enjoy their games and want to support them.

Please keep your comments about how they make money for yourselves as it’s wrong and for you guys to think you have the slightest clue is just shameful. I don’t even know all the details, but I know that gamepasses is not their primary.

Raiders are allowed to raid because it’s a part of the game, and they can choose to buy weapons to gain an advantage, but if they violate the in-game or community rules, then officers can ban/remove them from the game, and if they remove all raiders then they would still earn “money”.

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I know what the DevEx is, and I never said GPs were their primary source of income.

Yea ik I’m a dev too.

Use your common sense… the game is meant to have raiding or it would be worthless to play…


What if no, raider are important for game’s success

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I can’t tell if you’re joking or not, but to just get this clear, this is one of the worst ideas in GAR in every way.


What? Nobody is being “Shameful”. We are saying that Vikinglaw makes money from gamepasses. Nobody said that it was a substantial amount or that it was his only source of it. He has said multiple times that he has the amount of Robux he has because of gamepasses. It isn’t that big of a deal, there is no need for antogonizing.


Yes and no. I agree with all of it except the last part, raiders should not be banned AT ALL for anything unless they SK which is basically the only rule immis have that is bannable.