We need rainy to support the Coruscant series

Every episode is different some of them aren’t related to each other btw

This is episode two

what about TCS fan fic

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Support the coruscant series

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where episode 1 [filler words]

somewhere in the gar chat

20 votes damn SER a W

fr fr you’re a g for that :yawning_face:

If you look at the vote it’s obvious that it’s botted, don’t fall for this yall.

We aint botted we are human honestly im onlu wroting more cuz it says i need 20 words or smth

Damn we need rainy fr

yeah its obviously botted, but who the hell is botting posts here :skull:

Nobody cares

fr fr rainy needs to see this

24 votes already too easy GAR a W

Don’t disrespect the coruscant series. We put time into making episodes like these ones. If you didn’t care, then you wouldn’t have clicked on this post. This is actually a clean good idea. You have 0 clue what goes on in the raiding community.

Botted votes = Invalid opinion

Oooh, vote cheating. I like it and I see that some of them created a profile almost a day ago, or a few days ago, for such a cheating of votes, your post will soon be deleted.

yet you botted the votes, why
there is literally no point to botting them

Lol I didn’t bot them. It’s people from SER who came here and voted

yes people from SER like n65745n674n5 and 4n67545n6745n67