Ways Immigrant, civ, raider, gar can make credits

Immigrants should make no money at all until they become a civilian and money should save over.

Civilians should make money from working jobs, volunteering for GAR, odd jobs.

Raiders get money for what gar rank of gar they kill
Cadets 0

Troopers 1

Specalist 2

All the way up to WO (10)

Killing officers is worth 100+ depending on the rank

Killing divs should be worth 20

GAR should make money over time, collecting bounties, killing KOS AOS raiders. instead of working jobs

Killing raiders you get 20 credits

Over time (30 minutes)each rank gets a different amount

Cadets earn 10

Troopers earn 20

Specalist earn 30

Corporal earns 40

Sergeant 50

Staff sergeant 60

Master sergeant 70

Sergeant major 80

Warrant officer 90

I’m going off of
E1 - E9

You may be thinking but GAR has the OP cash

We don’t know what a civilian makes yet

And a raider should be able to get a lot of kills in under 30 minutes

Rank in a division does not matter only follows rank in gar if you are a sergeant major and a div sergeant you still make 80

Well one thing, jobs for off duty GAR and immigrants are already planned for the revamp.