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Warrant Offifers need a new morph, ASAP!

The warrant officer Rank needs a new morph, the one it has now is just practically a Sergeant, it’s the final rank you can reach without going through the Officer academy and I think it needs to look a bit more “cool” my suggestion is the thing Fives wore around his waist (It covered his legs as well and I think concealed ammo), not sure if it’s just a ARC Trooper or Commander thing, but it would definitely look badass on a WO.

That but probably completely black, I bet ya a lot of people would like the new morph and want to reach the WO Rank for sure! The Cadets are pretty populated.

I hate warrant officers they are trash and they don’t deserve it.

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No new morph. if you want a morph join a division or buy a gamepass

Demote this guy to cadet.

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You’re that guy who spammed curse words at me and told me to “MICE UP” because I said “POST!” to you in #off-topic.

why ‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎

Warrant officers union isn’t happy.

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I don’t think they deserve it since they keep team killing when it’s not there job to post people, and there bossy and rude.

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They are the kind of people who think they are high ranks when they are not.

Yeah plus the devs are more focused on the divisional morphs from what ive heard.

Which is good because you actually need to put some time and effort into getting into a division. WOs can just pay to get their rank.

Especially ARCs since there one of the hardest divisions to get in and there morphs look cool as well.

I mean these morphs have been the same even before Vikings bought it I think a revamp should be made for all GAR, it’s not like…WOs TK so they don’t deserve a morph, that reason is quiet frankly… utterly senseless, this is a community and some people of this community can’t attend tryouts they like this game and some of them can only attain the rank of WO, well I hope they don’t only update wo but all the ranks.

The thing around five’s waist is called a Kama but I don’t agree warrant officers should have that

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Not good idea to give good morphs to WO it’s better to spend more time on the divisionals morphs since they actually need skill to have them and stuff

It’s already updated.

WO’s are given a bad rep because of people that buy their way to it and abuse. If all WOs get it that, more will likely want to buy their way to it, take it from a WO. Do. Not. Give. An. Abuser. A. Skirt thing.

WOs deserve a morph, they put a lot of time in the game, if you hate WOs, then leave.

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Warrant officers are a useless rank and having it means nothing. They don’t deserve a new morph.