Warrant Officer should get a free Subdivision (Suggestion)


How I see and know this game is just a pay-to-win, But why not a free Subdivision at WO?

Thanks for your answer

Or just a special Subdivision for WO

  1. what would it be?
  2. if you want perks you can just join a division
  3. warrant officers don’t really need anything very special


I mean why there is no immigrant choice in the game? I would raid and stay same time on GAR, I cant leave every 10min the group for the raid.


I think this is a bit vague to be interpreted well. I don’t think we need another sub-division, although I prefer giving a better weapon as a reward to those who ranked up to WO for example (which I am waiting for rainy to push his update so I can forward the suggestion as said before).

I don’t think we need really a sub-division where WO can join as some may abuse at such and what perks you intend with it.

In regards,
HermanosLuDi, Beta Tester.