Warrant can cuff? (Suggestion)


The warrant is the “highest” rank in GAR so why they don’t get a cuff, they are serious and know the rules, I mean a cuff who you move only the player I dont mean you can jail or more, I mean only for posting, I think that is a good idea

Remind you? They are not law enforcement, this is such a possible abuse, and we have this CG and GAR officers.

Ok thanks for your asnwer

This would also defeat the purpose of CGs.

Funny thing is on the old forum there was a post on it and it was the most viewed and replied post on the forum.

CG can jail, i mean only you move only troopers nothing more

That would be abused very easily.

Is there seriously something wrong with you? People make posts like these all the time and we say “NO!”, do you just not check other posts. Or are you just some troll. You always seem to make the most illogical and worst posts. I do not mean to offend you and I am being serious with all of these.

no, this could be abused easily + WO can be bought technically

and only hold them for 10 seconds w/cooldown, and not make them move through walls.

warrant officer is a rank that can be bought, no

Where you can bought WO?

Check this out:

Do you realize how much trainings you need to go through to be able to use cuffs? And you want people to get them for time spent in game?! mad man

Like 3…. That’s how many trainings

the npc that tells you how much power you have also lets you buy power

No one says a warrant officer needs to know the rules and cuff guide that would be very easy to abuse.

Or what if adding a special training or tryout that if you pass you get cuff?

A special tryout? Like CG?

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The entire officer academy rn: