Warning! this is important!

A new cult started popping up on coruscant a lot and you might see them in game.
The cult name is GoldD

If you see someone in coruscant with GoldD in their username, then call as much back up as you can immediately. Because every single one that is in GoldD is a sweaty tryhard coruscant player. So please stay safe out there in coruscant.


a cult isn’t a good thing

Ok time to go deploy as immigrant and do some little trolling.

I see him already in the game, but I don’t understand what you mean with that

Every person who has GoldD in their username is a tryhard lol

Kid named GoldDKOS lol

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A cult lol. This should be interesting.


Sum GoldD don’t even have to try to play the game


Demon time, Demon time :smiling_imp:

they are weak because my_ and a_ is :muscle:

GoldD’s aren’t dangerous or that annoying compared to some real bozo’s out there.

Yall’ gotta stop blowing their skills outta proportion, nothing special about this raid group or “cult”.

In 3 weeks this is gonna become the next SER, forgotten.

I got nothing against raid groups, but I do have a problem with overhyping and worshipping random ppl/groups.

Ban them bro ban them, another fun task comming!


This is the perfect name

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Lesgo! Creating an alt ! Lollll joking ofc

We will lead the new generation of raiders and bring fear across any gar who wishes to die by shooting us

:open_mouth: omg 1111yu1111 confirmed in GoldD Cult?!

Guys he said it! Newgen!