Vote for vikinglaw to be unbanned

Vote to unban Viking law. I do not care what your beef or problems are between each other, but vikinglaw deserves to at least watch the group and what happened. Without having to make a new account. He was unjust fully banned. He was banned because someone didn’t like him/just didn’t want him in the group.

Even if he chooses not to rejoin, at least he has the endless choice to pop in whenever. But idc what everyone’s opinion is on this tbh. vote if u want to. Probably not gonna happen anyway. :confused:

Not too long ago (few months), Vikinglaw joined the performance test we were doing on the new map (somehow even though it was only posted in the gar server). I went to ask him what he thought of it and he said that he didn’t want to give his opinions on it.

If Vikinglaw wanted to be unbanned, he (himself) would have to ask for it. Though from his actions, it’s pretty clear he doesn’t care.

Even if he did ask, I’m not sure I’d be comfortable with him in the server considering what he recently did with the morph meshes: taking them down without notice and then trying to get me to pay $1000 just to use them for two weeks. He had every right to do what he did but it’s clear that he is unfriendly.