Voice Chat in GAR

I think we should add voice chat to GAR it would make it so much more fun and would also allow us to have some fun when we are in the game. This would also benefits people at SSU’s and other gar events because it’s fun to talk to people.


This is how to enable voice chat in a game. Go into roblox studio and flick this switch. !

This might be cool but I bet a lot of people would abuse it.

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They could but this would also be very fun to have in GAR just imagine a SSU.

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Think of all the children whose microphones would destroy our ears

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You need to verify your age in order to use it.

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lane family vs intention family.

I like this idea even tho some people might abuse it.

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hell no.

roblox with voice chat is so cursed don’t do it.

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Just stick with V.C.

It’s gonna be like the boombox but now you need to deal with screechy people.

That would be a mess, a lot of trolling would be seen. Also we already have vc on GAR discord.

How am I only just seeing this? I personally hate the idea of the voice chat feature being in roblox. Discord is so much easier and probably safer. I see no reason for you to have to sit around listening to ten year olds scream because they didn’t win in arsenal. I don’t even know if it is still happening, but if it is it’s not gonna end well, I can tell you that much.