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I am not knowing of what Viking law has done or hasn’t done. As you said, I agree, that he has every right to take down the meshes. There might be unfair play with him taking the meshes down without notice, but there was definitely unfair play when he lost the group. - However, this is not my problem.
To be honest, I think for everything that happened, it would gain respect of me and many others if you guys unbanned him even without him asking. Keeping him banned is as if you guys are just holding a petty grudge against him.

As to comfort, there is not much he could do other than say things as he would have as much power as I do within the GAR discord. He might have an influence but also as you said, “pretty clear he doesn’t care”, unbanning him might show who is the bigger person. Keeping him banned because you are “uncomfortable” shows a bit of immaturity within GAR’s “leadership”. If you were uncomfortable with everyone, would you push everyone away or would you try and make amends? It is obvious that there is a rough break up within GAR.

There has definitely been some pettiness between both sides but it is up to the bigger person (hopefully you) to attempt to make amends, which I have seen. But do not be upset if he does not want to make amends as he also might be very mad about this. As you watched in his explanation video, sounds like he went through hell because of this, went poor, etc. The fact that you at least attempted to invite him back for a performance test is a step to a good direction, even if vikinglaw is petty about certain things (which is understandable), I suggest keep trying to be good to him. He has contributed a lot of his life to GAR just for things to happen like this. What I am trying to say is that I support the fact that you are attempting to involve him in GAR stuff and hope that you continue to try.

Then again, it is not my place to make decisions, only make suggestions and give my free opinion. Thank you though for taking the time to at least read this. Even if you disagree, my respect lies with who is mature.

If anything I say offends or breaks TOS, please let me know as I am unaware.

It is just not the right idea, As Rainy summed it up before, Vikinglaw is really unfriendly towards Rainy and the entire GAR team even though Rainy and many people with Rainy can’t do about the happenings. Also, I am sure Viking doesn’t even want to come back, beause in here he would only get hate. It is for everybody’s sake that Viking is minding his TGE meanwhile Rainy and his Dev team is minding GAR.

There were really pointless battles between the two side but all of the attacks against Rainy was made by Vikinglaw, It would be understandable if Viking attacked Kurka but he purposefully attacked not only Rainy but the entire GAR with taking down the meshes which obviously reasons why would Vikinglaw get hateful comments in the GAR chat.

This is a fight Rainy clearly doesn’t want to take neither with responding to Viking’s tries nor with showing who is the “Bigger” man. This is all just a childish act that broke out between two people that became a problem of everydays people like you and me. And you must admit that is not at all right.

I mean, I understand his anger when taking down the meshes. It was petty but it is what a lot of people would have done the same thing. I do admit though that it is true that vikinglaw has not been at all kind. But you can’t be blind to the anger he must feel. As in the explanation video, he has put years into GAR just for kurka to do that to him. He is just letting his anger out on GAR (which is not good) but I understand his anger. Don’t you? I know he has done a lot of wrong but so has kurka. I am sure rainy does not deserve hate since he is trying his best (as I have not been giving him hate).

Just, don’t have to agree with me… but atleast try and understand the anger he must feel towards kurka that it was enough to spill out and go against the entirety of gar.

Then again, I must look at my feelings towards vikinglaw. I LOVED the guy when I started watching him and he was still brand new with videos. I sorta grew up with him. He even responded sometimes to my chats. So I do take in mind the fact that I might be defending him over feeling. But at least understand how angry he must have gotten.

Anger can do bad things to others. It isn’t an excuse, no, but it is hard to handle.

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I do understand and yes, he is angry and mad, but he is still a grown adult. The youtube video was understandable yeah, sure. Okay, the meshes okay, but Rainy is trying to reason with him even tho Viking isn’t having any problems with Rainy him self but at most with Kurka, and Kurka is not even in GAR anymore, hurting the players by removing the meshes and even anti-cheat and many more is not the right way to fight back against Kurka. With these cnditions I wouldn’t bfeel comfortable either to let someone like him roam around.

Nevertheless Viking was good but it was too much for him, V&K couldn’t manage 3+ games at once and therefor changes had to be done, basically the staff team wanted to retire (The entire developer team) if there would have been changes. The community, the game improved a lot thanks to Rainy, Eventho viking was a good programmer for me he wasn’t the best kind of person, he would perma ban people that would ping him and many other things (WHich you can not expect people not do if you are the head of a popular (Back then about 600k-700k group). He tried to manage something they just couldn’t fulfill, GAR didn’t really moved forward with the V&K productions.

So to sum it up, yes Viking’s anger is understandable but the way he reacted and who he reacted towards is just not. With multiple other popular games paying fat checks it is barely beliveable that his family starved or etc…Even if he only would have personally attacked Rainy and not the entire GAR game it would be just unreasoned. That era is sadly or not sadly but is over and it is time for new things, new improvements and new ideas.

Understandable. There are many things that are agree to disagree as I respect your opinion as you do mine.

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