Viking is a big walking W and Rainy took an L

Viking archiving was a W and an L for GAR. It’s completely justifiable and hilarious. GAR was taken away from biking unfairly and that was his meshes (idk what they r called) so he has EVERY RIGHT to take them away. So big WW for viking and big LL for GAR and rainy.

@skywalkerbiS just reposting cuz u know, rainy closed the post just like he does with everything he disagrees with.

@RainyLofi man closing this guys post is such an L move :clown_face:

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@RainyLofi bro wait what u exiled him??? bruh even worse, my man skywalker was just defending what viking did, zamnnn.

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Giving your opinion on the situation is okay however pinging everyone, being toxic and trying to cause issues is not.

I didn’t exile him - I suspended him from the forum for “No constructive purpose to their actions other than creating dissent within the community”.

Let’s not make things up.