Using a controller

Data : inability to play using a controller

Username: ( Artic_Snowolf )
reason: ( Players who may feel more comfortable on controller cannot play to their full extent at all times )

Description : I tried out for the 187th and unlike most tryouts where all I’d have to do is press keys to reload, run and use the medigun I found I was inable to fire. So with no other option I resorted to playing first person with the mouse. Im certain there will be an argument that the controller is not a good idea. However if I must protest to that I will say that the gaming community is split into 3 sections, controller, mouse and keyboard, and mobile. Mobile players I have seen have to be forcibly turned away due to not having the accessability of a keyboard (I assume lack of input options), but a controller has this option, which I will now lay out:

(Note this is for futuretops and based off an Xbox controller)
Bumbers: Hotbar navigation
Left Trigger: Fire select (Q)
Right Trigger: Fire (Mouse 1)
Start button: Pause menu
Back button: Leaderboard (Tab) or text chat (Which I am aware is slower and would require a keyboard interface)
Left Thumbstick: Movement
Down on Left Thumb stick (When you press it like a button): Run (F)
Right Thumbstick: Adjust camera angle
Down on Right Thumbstick: Adjust camera view (O and I)
A button: Jump (Spacebar)
B button: Crouch (C)
X button: Reload (R)

Are you suggesting future tops changes controls for controller players? GAR does not own future tops so they can’t do that.

I assumed GAR made the weapons used (in that they modeled and programmed them). For examples all weapons except fork the Sk-4 (or 8) fire just fine and don’t mind being forced to use keys for reload or sprint. It just makes me upset that I have a certain way I like to play and every time I seek to join a division I have to drop what I’m comfortable with and use what I’m forced to

The problem with Xbox is that you cannot use the in-game chat feature. GAR is very chat-based, whether you’re giving orders or receiving them, and there could be a lot of disobedience and confusion in-game if people don’t have access to chat. Just my opinion.

No. It’s not include Xbox players. It’s include the option to have a controller plug-in for PC. The keyboard just being meant for chat. Matter of fact I found a program that has resolved my issue

GAR doesn’t own futuretops so they can’t change any of it.

Ok. I understand. Never mind anyways

I don’t think you should allow mobile or controller member participate in tryouts solely for the fact they’ll end up feeding kills to someone who otherwise wouldn’t get them.

9/10 a mouse/keyboard player will slap a mobile/controller user on FT.