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Updated Promotion Guide

I havent seen a promotion guide here before, so I’m going to post one now.

GAR Power Requirements

  • Cadet - 1 power
  • Trooper - 3 power
  • Specialist - 10 power
  • Corporal - 17 power
  • Sergeant - 35 power
  • Staff Sergeant - 60 power
  • Master Sergeant - 85 power
  • Sergeant Major- 115 power
  • Warrant Officer - 175 power

How to join officer corps:

You must pass OA to become a Second Lieutenant, and here is the requirements to join OA:

  • At least 15 years of age
  • Attained the rank of Staff Sergeant
  • Have easy access to a microphone and be willing to join VCs.
  • Constant maturity throughout your time in OA
  • Decent Grammar
  • No previous crimes committed (No severe bans or punishments from Republic Intelligence)

Power can be rewarded by:

I. Staying in game in GAR or divisional morph

  • 30 minutes+: 1 power

  • 1 hour: +1 power

  • 2 hours: +1 power

  • 4 hours: +1power

  • 7 hours: 1 power

  • 10 hours: 1power

  • Power is dependent on the time you spend in the game on a particular day and will not transfer to the next day after 8:00 PM EST/7:00 PM EDT. (Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) is only valid from second Sunday in March to the first Sunday in November)

Note: The timer won’t reset when rejoining, but will reset at the above time.

II. Attending Combat or General Trainings (GT’s and CT’s)

How to earn power from GT’s:

  • Win the first round of faces.
  • Complete the obby.
  • Stay until the end.

How to earn power from CT’s:

  • Be the MVP of all rounds.
  • Be the MVP of the last round.
  • Exceed in combat. (Certain hosts do different ways to “exceed” such as top 5 damage, top 5 kills, top 5 KDR)
  • Stay until the end.

III. Attending the Weekly Inspection at
Saturday 5:00 PM EDT, 4:00 PM EST (9:00 PM) (12:00 PM GMT)

How to earn power from inspections:

  • If you answer the question correctly you get 1 power.
  • If you are 1 of the 5 on fire (randomly chosen by officers, you get 3 power instead of 1.

IV. Buy power from the shop: (Not Recommended)

  • 1 Power = 199 R$
  • 5 Power = 949 R$
  • 10 Power = 1799 R$

Rank order:

This is an explanation of which rank is above the others. I will also explain how to get each rank. Rank order in GAR is:

  • E1 - Cadet → (Join “GAR|Grand Army of the Republic|” ROBLOX group.)

Ranks obtained by getting power {

  • E2 - Trooper

  • E3 - Specialist

  • E4 - Corporal

  • E5 - Sergeant

  • E6 - Staff Sergeant

  • E7 - Master Sergeant

  • E8 - Sergeant Major

  • E9 - Warrant Officer

  • Divisionals (regardles of their GAR rank) → Here is an explenation on how to join a division: How to join a division!

  • OOT - Officer Cadet → Pass Officer Academy. It will be announced in announcments channel in GAR discord.

Rank up in officer corps to get these ranks:

  • O2 - Lieutenant
  • O3 - Captain
  • O4 - Major
  • O5 - Colonel

HICOM ranks (to obtain them you must be Colonel and be seen worthy of becoming HICOM)

  • C1 - Batallion Commander
  • C2 - Regimental Comander
  • C3 - Marshal Commander

I know most of this stuff is posted in other places, but they’re never posted all in one, which makes it harder to find all the needed information in one post. I hope you enjoy reading this,

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i already knew all of this but still enjoyed reading it.