Update SF morph


The current SF morph is litterally Commander Bacara without the red markings. Since the (rumored) 21st Nova Corps will eventually, possibly be released, I think a new morph should be in place.

The new SF (Special Forces) morph should stay simmilar. So I found a clone ‘Desert Trooper’ while scrolling through the forums. I think it would be a near perfect replacement.

  • Looks near identical to SF type armor but with a specialized helmet and some minor detail changes.
  • Looks better, better and more unique looks = more sales of the gamepass.
  • Yes, yes, no desert or sand. But at the same time, most of these divisions (327th, 7th, 501st, etc) shouldn’t be on Coruscant.
  • More cannon accurate than a ton of 1 specific clone commander roaming freely.
  • It still fits in with the other normal clones, sticking out in terms of detail and shape but not color.
  • Give non-GAR Desert Troopers a sandy and weathered look to quickly identify who is and isn’t in GAR. Give normal GAR a clean and upkept morph.

If this does happen, you should rename the ‘Special Forces’ to ‘Desert Trooper’ to fit it.

I got this idea from New clone Variant , special thanks to @Foxy_the_Foolish_Hun for giving me the base idea!


Commander Bacara (SF)

New Sand Trooper morph

The image I chose to represent the Desert Trooper looks akward, but is the closest thing I could find to represent my image.

Just imagine a red line in your head sir, let them release the map first.

Bruh I literally made a forum for this a day or two ago

Wait nvm you gave credit

But this wouldn’t really make sense if they replace sf just like that they’d probably make it the stealth or special ops from season 2 of the clones wars like I said in another forum

Those “Special Ops” were an early rendition of RI. Which is why they only appeared once in the clone wars on a stealth mission.

So giving us this morph would be giving us free RI in a visual way.

I know, I’m saying when (And if) the 21st Nova Corps are released, they should change Special Forces to this to not get them mixed up.

Technically they appeared twice with the stealth mission and the second battle of geonosis and we probable rarely saw them because they obviously had a more stealth related missions like the name states

And republic intelligence may be canon but they’re not former stealth or special they were former judicial forces

So renaming to another of lore division name formally given, and then creating another gamepass for sandtrooper morph, that what ya saying? I felt just only changing our sf morph not gonna be a good hit, since Im still gonna dealt with immigrant morphing into sf and start confusing gar until they start going rampage. If a morph standard has been created for them, where immigrant will get different sf morph entirely, this morph change will be significant as to prevent more fake sf from intervening our duties.

Not creating another gamepass, it’s just changing SF. Also, it’s just specialized armour. Desert troopers aren’t a division and never have been.

Also, I agree the SF immigrant raiders are annoying, but I never set to fix it within this suggestion. It’s an issue.

The only fix I can think of is giving any non GAR SF a sandy and weathered Desert Trooper morph, and normal GAR Desert Troopers a clean and upkept morph.
So some sand weathering on it to quickly identify who’s an Immigrant and who isn’t.

Honestly I still think they’d make it a company or a separate game pass with a similar function

The non gar sf’s could have some sort of inspiration from rebel alliance sf units like this one.

I know i know. Not from clone wars, but the game lore not even making some sense for us. And plus some part of rebel alliance are formed from seperatist.

As you just stated, wrong time period.

Only things I see as inaccurate are the 187th. I think most morphs/companys/divisions are accurate.

I dought it. This would never become a company or division. No need for it. Plus, making this a separate pass wouldn’t make sense.

As I said, it’s a near replica of our current SF morph but a different helmet design and details.

Foxtrot company technically isn’t canon

Shut let me explain if they made it a company it would probably be for 104th since they’re technically the only clones we’ve seen with that type of armor

True-ish. Foxtrot is just a renamed ‘K Company’. Uninteresting name so I get why they changed it back to Foxtrot.

104th already have 3 Companys. They may need it eventually but I dought they’d use ‘Desert Company’ if ever.