Update or bug for binoculars

Description: I joined a game and I went to the front bridge, I then put on my binoculars and looked up. When I looked up I saw that I could see through walls with these grey lines and I also could see certain people through walls and certain people had outlines around them. It seemed that I had some type of x-ray vision in some places and some people.


Note: I was going to take more pics and such but before that I lagged out and got kicked. Also not sure if that had to do with the problem. I tried joining back and doing it again but it did not work. I am also not sure if this is just the binoculars or if it was a different glitch since I noticed it once so put the binoculars on.

Reported by: Lieutenant_Martinez

Binoculars have nothing to do with it. It is simply the alter damage that has been applied to the map and some people. Binoculars have nothing to do with this

oh alright thank you.