Update for ce, cs, and cl

Giving more ranks morphs or tags, it is rather annoying when your a company officer and you have the same morph as your company’s lower ranks. So it may be nice to add a easy way to identify ranks without needing to check in the discord.

I understand if this can’t be done.

It’s done so that you identify the person just by seeing the name so that you know who’s your officer by heart and they usually ask questions regarding ranks and stuff but in some ways it will be helpful.

you shouldnt need a morph just to make sure that everyone you see knows your rank
this would need a lot of morphs and group ranks as well, one per rank per company, group ranks cost robux, morphs take a lot of work
anyways your company members should generally know who their leadership is

With this logics here we might as well remove CO, XO and CC morphs. Actually while we’re at it let’s just remove all the morphs in the game because they take too much time to make

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actually there is a reason that CC+ have their own morph, permissions, they need a certain group rank for certain perms, and theres no way they are letting everyone just have those perms

Company officers have the morph of their company hence the name Company Officer. If we were to give all these ranks their own morphs we’d have so many different morph and say something happened to the morphs like last time it’s just about 30 other morphs that would need fixing.

So? The logic for not adding them is laziness pretty much. Because it’ll be more work. But the point is this is a game, a game that needs improvement. Adding more morphs will add more to the game

I just feel like this would just be a ego boost for these people. Honestly I think they can live with no special morph.

Yeah that makes sense.

While i agree, it would be a lot of effort to add morphs for every CS and CL. That’s another 2 morphs per division. I think it would be better just for the nametags to be changes. Instead of: “Airborne Company” the airborne CS would have “Company Sergeant” instead.

Not 2 morphs per division, you would need a lot more, 1 per leadership rank per company.
The name tags would have to be a group rank(and morph) as well. The only other option is to code the leadership members directly into the game, which would be quite annoying I imagine for Rainy.

Why would it be one per leadership rank per COMPANY? As of right now, all company commanders have the same morph, so all company CS and CL would too.

I agree though, hardcoding it would be dumb and wouldn’t make much sense. However, adding in the group ranks wouldn’t be that difficult considering the code for it already exists.

there’s also the thing where no leadership needs this, the officers+ have it for group perms as they need them for tryouts and ranking people in the group, leadership however don’t need perms, we can just request HICOM to rank our new recruits whenever we have a company tryout, as former leadership, this has generally worked pretty well from my experience

leadership also should not have group ranking perms, it’s a lot easier to get leadership than HICOM, and group ranking perms can be easily abused

anyways officers don’t have individual morphs to not need a lot of group ranks (also why leadership don’t need morphs) but they do need a group rank for perms

You’re right, it isnt some crazy needed feature, but not everything has to be. Also, Im not talking about perms or anything beyond merely a nametag. It would be helpful, especially since newer members don’t always know who the CS of other companies is.