Unnerf the shotgun!


UNNERF THE SHOTGUN! It was always my favorite weapons when one day i joined GAR and robbed the bank someone with a golden mini gun game and and i shot them and it didn’t kill them so i thought oh its just a bug like usual but then i asked my friend if i could test it on him and he agreed i tested it 4 times and every time it was a 2 shot i was so disappointed because i payed 1549 robux on that game-pass just to get it nerfed :frowning: now i have to try and raid with a golden mini gun (i think was also nerfed not for sure though) and duel light sabers (like the only good weapon left in-game) and it is really hard because people with the super blaster can easily kill me and it is just so much harder to raid and not even all that fun anymore i may quit GAR because they nerfed the DANG SHOTGUN! Please unnerf it and i will be happy but currently the shotgun is is really bad and i want a refund on my 1549 shotgun that got nerfed and is now really really bad. No i didn’t buy it with in-game cash i bought it was Robux which you should all know are very expensive. Yes i know like 60 or more of these suggestions are going around RN i think you hacked pretty much all of your players off by NERFING THE DANG SHOTGUN! please just unnerf it and make your players happy again.

Yeah, I tried to kill someone with a candy shotgun and It takes 3 hits now. Its impossible to fight now. If someone has a minigun, your done for.

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Respect the fact that the game is less pay to win now. The shotgun has been quite unfair for users that don’t have robux to buy the gamepass. Making the weapon 2 shot makes the game more fair for everyone in general. After all, it’s still 2 shot, which makes it quite OP to use compared to a Blaster Rifle.


Maybe but we didn’t pay for a 2 shot we paid for a 1 shot.

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The problem is that players bought it because it was 1 shot weapon. It’s like releasing clearance 4 gamepass with description that it opens all doors and adding level 5 door in game. Many people buy the gamepass after they buy it for 24 hours for in game cash. Here is how shotgun looks in in game shop:

It clearly says that it’s one shot weapon for close distance. When people buy it for in game cash they may think it’s a bug that it don’t one shots. If nerfing shotgun is necessary then it’s better to decreace one shot range but not making it 2 shot weapon even if you shoot person from 1 stud.

Once again I say: I agree that shotgun had to be nerfed at some point but I don’t agree like many people that it should 2 shot from really close range.

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It seems the only people happy is the ones who dont own it.

At this point minigun is better than shotgun

No, a blaster rifle is probably better.

That shotgun is a nightmare to anyone not using it. You just died and there was no way to defend yourself. The nerf if it being a 2 shot seems fair enough.

Yeah, but it was so expensive, plus the super blaster is cheaper and better (off sale now).