Universal Blacklist.

Username: DionLogics
Discord: Onizuka#8500
Ban reason: Improper discharge from 327th.

What was happened i was tell by 501st host from the tryout, that i got universal blacklist from every division due improper discharge from 327th, the thing is i did proper discharge and prove by “ZircongamingHD” he was the one tell me that i can leave discord and roblox group of 327th.
Second thing that i really concern about is the proof of " improper discharge" from trello that they report about me its show the guy callled " Ceaser3163" leave the discord and its not me i am Onizuka#8500, so i want to ask if something wrong about informations.

Because i guess it’s not fair, if informations of blacklist system really wrong because i did everything for discharging and already got granted from HR in 327th, i wish i could hear something to help with these kinds of thing or if i really did something wrong here please reply me here, thank you.

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