[TUTORIAL] How to get in bank vent without jetpack/double jump

Hi, I’m Lordy.
And I’ll tell you how to get into the bank ventilation and the bank’s closed room. You don’t need a jetpack or double jump!

So there will be several steps:

:loudspeaker: The first step is to approach the left side of the bank. You can look at the picture below:

:loudspeaker: The second step is to climb the brown conditional stairs. This must be done without running. To climb, you need to jump while always going into the wall. You need to jump either from left to right or as you can do better.

:loudspeaker: The third step is when you got to the top. You need to jump into the ventilation hatch in the wall.

:loudspeaker: The fourth step is to go to the third exit down. You need to go through all the ventilation and jump into the last exit down. To get past the first two exits down, you need to run forward and jump over them.

Well done! You are in a closed bank room until a robbery occurs. To get out, press reset or ask for help from outside.

I hope this helped someone and now you know a little more. Thank you for your attention and bye bye! :heart:

Step 5,

Reset and die.


There is a slightly easier way, I am too lazy to show my way with images so try and understand this lol:

Step 1: Go to the set of those brown things on the left side of the door.
Step 2: Grab the brown thing like you are climbing it.
Step 3: Ladder flick once to get on a higher part of those brown things.
Step 4: Ladder flick again onto the security camera.
Step 5: Jump onto the small platform on the left below the windows.
Step 6: Use the windows as head-hitters and get to the roof.
Step 7: Go to the slope and jump over the large thing that blocks your way to get to the vents.
Then repeat steps 3 and 4 for the main topic.

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Woah. I wasted my money on the jetpack.