Tryout - report section

The issue

The sheer amount of divisionals who are and aren’t a part of companies who keep making reports that do not count scares me and just shows me a lack of professionalism, order, and maturity. It’s like they’re really letting anyone in and their HICOM is just too lazy to make sure that they are working properly. Not to be calling anyone out but this is just less than 1 percent of all of the total amount of divisional reporting errors.

It is honestly cringing and hard to look at. Divisionals seriously expect that they are able to use their divisional power and have the immediate trust that their report is going to be accepted (I’m sure that’s not exactly what their thinking but it’s somewhere close probably)

My suggestion

To any HICOM, Officer, or anyone (especially bucketheads), I ask you take my suggestion into consideration. Similar to how a lot of questions work on tryouts, I suggest that tryouts include a brief section dedicated to the focus on making a report. If something like this doesn’t happen soon GAR as a group could end up looking like an immature group that can’t make a proper report from their divisionals. Please read and consider.

It’s pretty bad that so many divisionals think they can report an afk farmer with one screenshot

Not only that but killing reports too.

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Ikr, they need to use common sense, and not just use their being in a division as like “proof”